Costa Rica, 1973

Transparent skin on tadpoles reveal their hearts and intestines.

Photograph by Paul Zahl



The Canadian Press Explains My Anxiety

“The effects of daily cannabis use on teenage brains is worse then originally thought and the long term effects appear to be irrevsible, new research from the Mc Gill University suggests.

The study, by Dr. Gabriella Gobbi, a psychiatric reseacher from the Research Institute of the Mc Gill University Health Center suggests daily cannibas consumption can lead to depression and anxiety.

The new study published in Neurobiology of Disease, suggests the reputed “soft” drug has an impact serotonin and nerepinephrine, compounds that help control mood and anxiety.”

Location and Date Unknown

Photograph by Franklin Price Knott

I am feeling

agitated and irritable,
I wish I didn’t wear jeans .

Steven Wright

“Everything is in walking distance if you have time.”

this happened in September

Today I Discovered

  • Ben Harper
  • David Gray
  • Nick Drake
  • Van Morrison
  • Neil Young

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